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Export size

generated by export-size
version: 7.6.2
date: 2022-02-13T21:47:17.100Z

Please note this is bundle size for each individual APIs (excluding Vue). Since we have a lot shared utilities underneath each function, importing two different functions does NOT necessarily mean the bundle size will be the sum of them (usually smaller). Depends on the bundler and minifier you use, the final result might vary, this list is for reference only.


createFetch2.58 kB
useMediaControls2.43 kB
useFetch2.42 kB
useDark2.25 kB
useColorMode2.08 kB
useThrottledRefHistory1.86 kB
useDebouncedRefHistory1.83 kB
useTimeAgo1.64 kB
useRefHistory1.63 kB
useUrlSearchParams1.62 kB
useParallax1.56 kB
useSessionStorage1.52 kB
useLocalStorage1.52 kB
useInfiniteScroll1.5 kB
useStorage1.49 kB
useStorageAsync1.49 kB
useVirtualList1.38 kB
useTransition1.36 kB
useWebSocket1.36 kB
useDraggable1.35 kB
useScroll1.34 kB
useDevicesList1.27 kB
useScreenSafeArea1.27 kB
useMouseInElement1.24 kB
usePointerSwipe1.24 kB
useSwipe1.23 kB
usePointer1.22 kB
useMagicKeys1.14 kB
useElementBounding1.14 kB
useIdle1.13 kB
useFullscreen1.12 kB
useWebNotification1.11 kB
useWebWorkerFn1.1 kB
useBreakpoints1.04 kB
useDevicePixelRatio1.03 kB
useClipboard1.02 kB
useScriptTag1.02 kB
useTitle1 kB
useOnline970 B
onKeyPressed962 B
onKeyDown961 B
onKeyUp961 B
useNetwork956 B
useTextSelection956 B
useMouse954 B
useSpeechSynthesis953 B
useBase64952 B
useMousePressed940 B
useTimestamp923 B
onClickOutside921 B
onStartTyping920 B
useFocus917 B
usePermission917 B
useNow914 B
useElementVisibility912 B
useElementSize909 B
useDeviceMotion902 B
useBattery896 B
useEventSource893 B
useManualRefHistory892 B
useSpeechRecognition882 B
useWakeLock878 B
useScrollLock877 B
useFocusWithin867 B
useOffsetPagination862 B
onKeyStroke858 B
useUserMedia857 B
useBrowserLocation856 B
onLongPress847 B
useVibrate847 B
useDeviceOrientation829 B
useWindowSize829 B
useMutationObserver827 B
useResizeObserver824 B
useKeyModifier819 B
usePageLeave812 B
useWindowScroll795 B
useNavigatorLanguage793 B
useStyleTag790 B
useVModels789 B
useMemory783 B
useIntersectionObserver782 B
useBroadcastChannel781 B
useActiveElement776 B
usePreferredColorScheme776 B
useDocumentVisibility771 B
usePreferredLanguages769 B
useFps765 B
useGeolocation764 B
useWindowFocus764 B
useAsyncState763 B
useVModel757 B
useElementByPoint756 B
useAsyncQueue753 B
useMemoize750 B
useDisplayMedia746 B
useElementHover745 B
usePreferredDark733 B
useConfirmDialog730 B
TransitionPresets719 B
asyncComputed700 B
useCssVar699 B
useMediaQuery699 B
useEventListener693 B
useEventBus692 B
useCycleList678 B
useWebWorker658 B
useFavicon657 B
useShare655 B
useRafFn649 B
templateRef638 B
useEyeDropper604 B
StorageSerializers598 B
autoResetRef566 B
useClamp564 B
computedInject554 B
DefaultMagicKeysAliasMap541 B
useCached540 B
useTemplateRefsList539 B
breakpointsSematic537 B
useMounted525 B
SwipeDirection523 B
unrefElement520 B
breakpointsTailwind519 B
breakpointsAntDesign518 B
breakpointsBootstrapV5515 B
createUnrefFn513 B
breakpointsVuetify511 B
breakpointsQuasar507 B
getSSRHandler496 B
setSSRHandler496 B
defaultNavigator485 B
defaultDocument483 B
defaultWindow483 B
defaultLocation479 B
createSharedComposable100 B
increaseWithUnit96 B
watchWithFilter95 B
createFilterWrapper94 B
pausableFilter93 B
pausableWatch93 B
createSingletonPromise92 B
throttleFilter92 B
throttledRef92 B
tryOnMounted92 B
useLastChanged92 B
debouncedRef91 B
debouncedWatch91 B
eagerComputed91 B
useThrottle91 B
useThrottleFn91 B
bypassFilter90 B
objectPick90 B
throttledWatch90 B
biSyncRef89 B
extendRef89 B
reactivePick89 B
tryOnBeforeUnmount89 B
tryOnScopeDispose89 B
tryOnUnmounted89 B
useInterval89 B
useIntervalFn89 B
useTimeoutFn89 B
useToggle89 B
createEventHook88 B
reactify88 B
syncRef87 B
toReactive87 B
assert86 B
createReactiveFn86 B
invoke86 B
toRefs86 B
useDebounceFn86 B
clamp85 B
controlledRef85 B
isDef85 B
debounceFilter84 B
isBoolean84 B
isClient84 B
noop84 B
useDebounce84 B
watchAtMost84 B
controlledComputed83 B
get83 B
isDefined83 B
isFunction83 B
now83 B
set83 B
ignorableWatch82 B
or82 B
createGlobalState80 B
makeDestructurable80 B
watchOnce80 B
containsProp79 B
reactifyObject79 B
refDefault79 B
isNumber77 B
isObject77 B
isString77 B
not77 B
promiseTimeout77 B
whenever77 B
isWindow76 B
rand76 B
useCounter76 B
useTimeout76 B
and75 B
identity74 B
timestamp74 B
until73 B


VOnClickOutside4.77 kB
VOnLongPress4.64 kB
UseEyeDropper4.62 kB
UseOffsetPagination4.61 kB
UseOnline4.61 kB
UseBattery4.61 kB
UseMousePressed4.61 kB
UsePointer4.61 kB
UseElementBounding4.61 kB
UseElementSize4.61 kB
UseNow4.61 kB
UseDraggable4.61 kB
UseDark4.61 kB
UseDevicesList4.61 kB
UseElementVisibility4.61 kB
UseActiveElement4.61 kB
UseFullscreen4.61 kB
UsePreferredDark4.61 kB
UseTimeAgo4.61 kB
UseBrowserLocation4.61 kB
UseDeviceMotion4.61 kB
UseScreenSafeArea4.61 kB
OnClickOutside4.6 kB
UseMouseInElement4.6 kB
UseTimestamp4.6 kB
UseVirtualList4.6 kB
UseWindowFocus4.6 kB
UseMouse4.6 kB
UseWindowSize4.6 kB
UseDeviceOrientation4.6 kB
UseColorMode4.6 kB
UseNetwork4.6 kB
UseGeolocation4.6 kB
UsePreferredLanguages4.6 kB
UseIdle4.6 kB
UsePreferredColorScheme4.6 kB
UseDocumentVisibility4.59 kB
UseDevicePixelRatio4.59 kB
UsePageLeave4.59 kB
OnLongPress4.59 kB


default725 B


useRouteQuery446 B
useRouteHash185 B


useDrauu873 B
createCookies692 B
useFocusTrap666 B
useAxios664 B
useCookies663 B
useNProgress381 B
useFuse377 B
useJwt251 B
useQRCode228 B


useSubject235 B
fromEvent210 B
useObservable206 B
from153 B
useSubscription144 B
toObserver88 B


useFirestore361 B
useRTDB190 B
useAuth163 B


useIpcRenderer473 B
useZoomFactor332 B
useZoomLevel292 B
useIpcRendererOn258 B
useIpcRendererInvoke232 B


throttledWatch742 B
ignorableWatch692 B
debouncedWatch679 B
pausableWatch646 B
useInterval553 B
useTimeout522 B
until455 B
watchAtMost452 B
controlledRef440 B
toRefs434 B
eagerComputed400 B
makeDestructurable363 B
watchWithFilter348 B
throttledRef346 B
useThrottle346 B
debouncedRef317 B
useDebounce317 B
useIntervalFn308 B
useThrottleFn304 B
useTimeoutFn268 B
useDebounceFn266 B
extendRef251 B
reactifyObject243 B
toReactive218 B
throttleFilter217 B
createSharedComposable213 B
debounceFilter191 B
useCounter178 B
controlledComputed174 B
increaseWithUnit169 B
syncRef159 B
useToggle154 B
createEventHook153 B
pausableFilter148 B
useLastChanged143 B
set142 B
biSyncRef135 B
createSingletonPromise122 B
objectPick119 B
createGlobalState115 B
createReactiveFn111 B
reactify111 B
tryOnMounted109 B
createFilterWrapper108 B
refDefault107 B
watchOnce107 B
isWindow106 B
reactivePick106 B
promiseTimeout105 B
tryOnScopeDispose100 B
and97 B
whenever97 B
rand95 B
or94 B
tryOnBeforeUnmount93 B
isObject89 B
clamp87 B
isDefined86 B
tryOnUnmounted85 B
not84 B
containsProp80 B
get80 B
assert78 B
isBoolean74 B
bypassFilter69 B
isClient68 B
isFunction68 B
isNumber67 B
isString67 B
identity66 B
timestamp65 B
invoke63 B
isDef62 B
now61 B
noop56 B
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